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• 5/6/2018

Fuaran Not Working

I had farmed golem to get Fuaran since I am a mage, but when i gone to use it, it didn't work. Can someone tell me how i could fix this? I believe that it had occured because I used a mana buffing item from Calamity, but I am uncertain.
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• 5/8/2018
Bump, I have the same issue, while I'm using Calamity consumables to increase my mana beforehand
• 7/25/2018
Is the mana buffing item permanent because it maybe that it check if you have the 200 default mana star and then it will work. This happen to me from stoping life fruit and it due to other life increasing consumables.
• 7/26/2018
Or it possibly that it could be the actual mod stopping it
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