AutoinjectorMK2.png For the other version of this accessory, see Autoinjector MK2. AutoinjectorMK2.png

Autoinjector is a Post-Moon Lord accessory that combines the effects of the Alchemist Necklace and Hercules Beetle. It provides the following bonuses:

Effects if equipped:

  • 4 defense
  • +8 Life Regeneration
  • Lowers duration of Potion Sickness by 25%
  • Doubles the invincibility frames
  • Increases all damage by 10%
  • Increases all critical chances by 8%
  • Gives infinite Universal Combination buff

Effects if consumed:

  • Buffs stay active after death
  • Buffs duration is doubled
  • Gives permanent effect of Philosopher's Stone


  • Buffs gained from consuming it will not be the same as if you equipped it. If you want both effects, you'll want to have 2 Autoinjectors in order to fully use its potential – one for consuming and one for equipping.
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