BillCipher Head Boss.png Bill Cipher is a Post-Moon Lord boss fought anywhere in the world.


Bill Cipher doesn't spawn on his own and requires the player to summon him with the Dimensional Rift.


Has two main phases :

  • 1 Phase(above 50% HP) contains two phases:
    • Normal Phase (Above 75% HP).
    • Normal Phase 2 (Below or equal 75% HP)
      • Shoots lasers more rapidly.
  • 2 Phase(Below 50% HP) contains three phases:
    • Rage Phase (Below or equal 50% HP).
      • Your controls are inverted
      • Puts some touch-damaging Black spheres in the air
      • He will start to put debuff items in your inventory
      • Shoots lasers more rapidly.
      • Shoots two deadly lasers at time.
      • Shoots lasers more widely
    • Rage Phase 2 (Below or equal 25% HP)
    • Death mode (15% HP and below)
      • Upgrades Laser velocity to Super High Speed.



  • "You dared summon me? This is going to be fun!"


  • "Hey you! Yes, you! I am asking the one who is controlling this "puppet"!"
  • "Do you really think that you would be able to defeat me? That's hilarious!" (When Bill Cipher drops below 75% health)
  • "Enough playing around, now you are gonna die!"
  • "Madness is unleashed!" (When Bill Cipher drops below 50% health)
  • "Don't think you can run from me, mortal!" (When the player goes far away from Bill Cipher)
  • "Hey catch this!" (When Bill Cipher puts a debuff item in your inventory)
  • "You are starting to annoy me, worm!"
  • "Don't start thinking you're safe behind that screen..."
  • "I will come to your dreams and will turn them into the horrible nightmare!" (When Bill Cipher drops below 25% health)
  • "I will not get defeated again!"
  • "Prepare to suffer!" (When Bill Cipher drops below 15% health)


  • If you are using Cheat Sheet or Hero's Mod's godmode, you will die instantly if you touch him because of Mind Burn.


  • A hard counter to the debuff items is having a completely full inventory
  • The Ankh Shield is a must have, as knockback could knock you into him and that means you don't have to worry about the screaming head.
  • Counter the flipping with Gravitation Potions or the Gravity Globe although that means that in addition to flipped controls you have to deal with left flipping the screen, so pick your position


  • BillCipherBag.png Treasure Bag (100%) (Expert only)


  • Bill Cipher is from the popular tv series called Gravity Falls.
  • He is based on the Eye of Providence, which is most commonly seen on the back of the American dollar bill.
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