Boosters are items dropped by bosses when the anti buff is active. They provide a variety of buffs to assist the player.


Map Icon King Slime.png

King Slime: Jump height and safe fall distance are both greatly increased!

Map Icon Eye of Cthulhu (first form).gif

Eye of Cthulhu: Provides detection for creatures, traps, and treasures

Map Icon Eater of Worlds.png

Eater of Worlds: Melee speed increased by 5%. Movement and mining speed increased by 25%

Map Icon Brain of Cthulhu.png

Brain of Cthulhu: Max amount of minions/sentries increased by 1, the heartreach buff is applied.

Map Icon Queen Bee.png

Queen Bee: Damage from hostile bees decreased, life regeneration is increased by 6, immune to Poison

Map Icon Skeletron.png

Skeletron: Contact damage from skeletons is reduced, damage and crit chance are both increased by 10%.

Map Icon Wall of Flesh.png

Wall of Flesh: Max amount of minions/sentries increased by 1, defense increased by 10, and damage resistance by 10%


Map Icon Retinazer (first form).gif

The Twins: Archery and ammo reservation effect, immune to Cursed Flames and ichor

Map Icon The Destroyer.png

The Destroyer: Mining speed is increased by 33%, max life is increased by 25%.

Map Icon Skeletron Prime.png

Skeletron Prime: Armor penetration increased by 15, melee speed increased by 15%. Also grants 200% Thorns.

Map Icon Plantera (first form).gif

Plantera: Damage and crit chance increased while moving. Also grants the effects of the Philosopher's Stone.

Map Icon Duke Fishron.png

Duke Fishron: All stats gain a 4% boost while on the surface. Also makes the Cute Fishron always have his damage and speed boosts, even while not submerged.

Map Icon Golem.png

Golem: 10% increased attack speed and increases melee knockback.

Map Icon Lunatic Cultist.png

Lunatic Cultist: Reduces damage taken from pillar enemies, mobs may drop Lunar Fragments

Map Icon Moon Lord.png

Moon Lord: You emit an aura which weakens enemies around you.

Mini Bosses

Map Icon Betsy.png

Betsy: Attacks inflict Daybroken, increased flight abilities.

Ice Golem ico.png

Ice Golem: Immune to the ChilledFrozen, and Frostburn debuffs.

Goblin Summoner ico.png

Goblin Summoner: Attacks inflict Shadowflame and gives immunity to it.

Map Icon Martian Saucer.png

Martian Saucer: Provides immunity to the Electrified and Distorted debuffs.

Map Icon Ogre.png

Ogre: Defense is increased by 5 and damage resistance by 5%, provides knockback immunity.


Pigron: Provides Well Fed.

Map Icon Dark Mage.png

Dark Mage: Greatly increases mana regeneration. Magic damage by 25%, max mana by 50

Custom Boosters


Custom 1: provides Shine and Night Vision, made with the broken booster 1, 30 shine potions, 30 night owl potions, and 10 iron/lead bars on any anvil.


Custom 2: Provides immunity to fire blocks, provides the Obsidian SkinGills, and Flipper buffs. It is made by combining the broken booster 2, 30 Obsidian Skin, Gills, and Flipper potions, 8 Crimtane/Demonite bars, and 15 Shadow Scales/Tissue Samples on any anvil.

*Broken Booster 1 Dropped by Eye of Cthulhu.

*Broken Booster 2 Dropped by Skeletron.

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