Cracked Crown is a rare pet-summoning item dropped from any mob with a 1:33333 chance. (0.00300003%)

Snatcher near the player

On equip, the Snatcher will appear. While player is not moving, his face will float near you, providing no light.


Player receives a buff, Snatcher, the Cursed Prince, reading:

Uh... You don't seem to have a soul. What a shame. OK then, let's make a deal...

In your journey, you are defeating an endless amounts of enemies...

But you are not collecting their souls for yourself, right?

Why not give them to me then? For certain amounts, I will give you some kind of rewards.

Does that sound good enough? I hope so...

XXX souls collected.


Killing enemies under the effects of this buff Snatcher Buff.png will yield the player some power-ups and raise the XXX number of souls while having Cracked Crown equipped as a pet. Note, that some mobs and all statue-summoned ones will not give you souls, to prevent easy-cheesing of this process. Here is a list of benefits from soul-collecting:

  • Number of Souls – Benefit
  • 500 – Increases your movement speed by 25%
  • 1000 – Increases your defense by 10
  • 1500 – Increases your damage reduction by 10%
  • 2500 – Increases max amount of minions/sentries by 1
  • 3500 – Boosts all damage types by 8%
  • 5000 – Boosts all critical strike chances by 5%
  • 6666 – Increases your armor penetration by 20
  • 9999 – Boosts your max life by 10%
  • 12500 – Reflect 1000% of damage back to its owner
  • 15000 – Supports you by attacking nearby enemies with shadow bursts, damage is calculated depending by current weapon held in hands


It is a direct reference to the Snatcher, a character from A Hat In Time game.

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