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Eye of Judgement is a post-Moon Lord summon-like weapon.

In order to obtain it you need to bring all the materials written in Research Note #4 along with the Note itself to the Explorer. A special dialogue option will appear.

You need to bring :

  1. Alchemical Bundle.
  2. Enormously big bone (Trophy from Skeletron).
  3. Hate Vial.
  4. Flask of Rainbows.

Endlessly generates sharp bones, which will home onto enemies while you hold this.

Creates 8 homing bones on cursor position on use.

Doesn't take minion slots. Can be combined with other minions.

33% chance to reduce damage taken by player to 2 hitpoint.

Reduces player's endurance by 33%.

Can be enchanced into Eye of Pure Judgement

Eye of Judgement References to Undertale character - Sans.

Eye of Judgement.gif