If for whatever reason your mod doesn't work as expected, you can use those measures to help yourself.

Updating everything

And, when someone says "update everything", it means just that – update everything.

Those updates commonly include, but are not limited to:

  • TModLoader – Make sure you have the latest one. The AlchemistNPC mod is usually updated to the newest version of TMod ASAP.
  • AlchemistNPC itself – you should always check GitHub for the newest versions, if, for whatever reason, it is not pushed to the Mod Browser.
  • Calamity – The majority of the problems occur while using the outdated version of Calamity with AlchemistNPC. Sometimes, update is not pushed to the Mod Browser, so to get it, you would want to go to theirs forum page/main wiki page, or to the Calamity Discord (Invite) and locate the #mod_downloads channel, which always has the latest Calamity/CalamityMusic mods.

Re-log into world, Reload mods, Restart the Game

Every so often, the game runs into problems, which can be fixed by Re-logging into the world (Restarting the server); reloading the mods; restarting the game.

Albeit, those methods may not work, depending on the type of problem, but are worth a try.


If you run into the bug with the mod, you can go to our Discord and locate the #bugs channel, where you can post the bug you're facing.


If none of the above works, go the Discord, use the #help channel and describe the problem. Check the #rules channel before engaging in conversation.

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