Legendary Sign
Legendary Weapons are powerful items that drop from any mob (except Statue ones) with a very low drop chance of 1:25000.

There are 5 Legendary weapons, each representing one of the classes in vanilla Terraria, excluding Summoner.

  1. TomeOfOrder Tome of Order (magic)
  2. HolyAvenger Cera Sumat, Holy Avenger (melee)
  3. Penetrator1 Penetrator (ranged)
  4. CounterMatter Counter Matter (support item)
  5. FlaskoftheAlchemist Flask of the Alchemist (thrower)

Bosses that upgrade Legendary weapons

  1. All vanilla bosses
  2. All bosses from Calamity Mod
  3. All bosses from Thorium Mod.
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