Prince's Magic Wand - is upgraded version of Dark Magic Wand and is the last Wand upgrade. It is considered to be post-DoG weapon.

  • Deals more damage than Dark Magic Wand
  • The longer you are holding the beam, the more powerful it becomes, but mana cost grows respectively

Beam changes color the longer you are holding the beam, each color more powerful than one before.

GreenBlue Red

Item can be right-clicked to summon a Kitten bombKitten Bomb.png at your cursor's position that will fall down, dealing roughly 2000 damage with each one, consuming 10 mana in the process. It is capable of critting. The crit chance can be brought up just like any weapon. Items capable of reducing the mana cost would work too.


If you have Calamity mod installed, recipe will change.

You might want to use the Recipe Browser mod to see the true recipe.

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