The Xenomorphic Symbiote is a multi-purpose accessory.

It is obtained by bringing the Mystery Meteorite to the Operator.

  • It gives a potion cooldown reduction of 25 seconds.
  • Increases the length of invincibility after being hit.
  • Gives two states depending on your HP.


  • It's stats are upgraded naturally through progression. The milestones are reaching Hardmode and defeating the Moon Lord.
  • Giving the effect of both the Cross Necklace and the Philosopher's stone, it's is extremely useful for survivability.
  • It's cooldown reduction stacks with the Philosopher Stone, giving you a meager 25 seconds of sickness.


  • The Symbiote has the unique 'Xenomorphic' prefix that cannot be reforged. It won't be present if the item is cheated in, however.
  • It was described as the 'Legendary Accessory' by the developer, although it's means of acquisition differ from the Legendary Weapons.
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