TL;DR Consider this a sandbox.

Aight, use it if you want to test something. You can even copy the whole code of some other page, paste it here and edit it however you like. 'Cause there are some changes that can easily break a page to a point, that it becomes unavailable to load-up, so you need to backup changes to previous state. But that's the story for another day.

Testing part

Stroke code

Pandora Forms

Disaster Gauge meter

All the forms by attacking fills special meter called: Disaster Gauge

When it is at max value, it allows you to change Pandora's form into next one.

Click RMB to change it's form
is a basic form of Pandora.Thows sharp shuriken on high velocity, wich stick to enemy while LMB is holded on.When LMB is released, it comes back in time. It deals throwing damage.


is a first form of Pandora after changing. Launches 2 heavy damaging homing rockets. Deals range damage.


Ey wassup

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