Torn Notes are a collection of items dropped from bosses that give hints and information about the mod's different features and items. They are dropped by bosses, in the following order:

The Notes

# Description
Note #1 "Legends say that an otherworldly amulet can be obtained

by defeating a Dungeon Guardian."

Note #2 "It is not well known, but the Wing of The World allows you

to make EGO equipment, which is unique in some ways.

If the Wing of The World is placed in empty housing, it can

attract a special NPC, called The Operator. And if you're

wondering what EGO stands for; Extermination of Geometrical


Note #3 "Defeating all Mechanical Bosses allows you to make a special

Vending Machine. Its drinks can help you overcome great

threats and dangers. But be careful! If used more than 10 times,

it will release a random Mechanical Boss. This will reset the

counter to 0, so you can use it again after defeating or evading the


Secret Note #1 "If you are reading this, then know that you can spawn your own

Grim Reaper. To do this, you simply need to find the 'Suspicious

Looking Scythe' which has a 1/150 chance to drop from any

Treasure Bag in Hardmode. GLHF!"

Note #4 "Defeating the Moon Lord allows the creation of Ultimate Accessories.

One of them is the Sephirothic Fruit. Not only does it increase your

minion damage by 15% and give +2 max minions, but it also allows

them to ignore invincibility frames."

Note #5 "Defeating the Moon Lord allows the creation of Ultimate Accessories.

One of them is the Lilith Emblem. Not only does it combine all effects

of multiple mage accessories, it also allows you to shoot dozens of

deadly bees while using magic attacks."

Note #6 "Defeating the Moon Lord allows the creation of Ultimate Accessories.

One of them are the Rampage Components. They increase your

ranged damage and crit by 10%, and provide the effect of the

Sniper Scope. They also turn your Musket Balls into deadly

Chloroshard bullets, which are basically homing Crystal Bullets with

increased damage."

Secret Note #2 "Few times, I saw one pretty strange creature.

She looked like Fairy, but at the same time...

There were something strange in her appearance.

She was... way too perfect for an ordinary Fairy.

Sadly, that was the last time i saw her...

She was beaten by unknown creature and turned into a Crystal

It was nearby the places of Plantera."

Secret Note 2.png
Note #7 "Continuing on the Ultimate Accessories, there are 2 more. One of

them is the Autoinjector. It increases all damage by 10% and crit by

8%. It also permanently grants you the effect of the Universal

Combination. However, the Autoinjector is pretty expensive as it

requires a Masks Bundle...

Another one is Bast's Scroll. It increases Melee/Throwing damage and

crit by 15%, and gives 10% damage reduction. It also gives the

abilities of a Master Ninja and allows a triple jump. But its most powerful

abilities are that throwing weapons go through tiles and any weapon

destroys enemy defense totally."

Note #8 "I once found an ancient scroll which had pretty valuable information...

It was said that the Golem can contain a laboratory journal, from the

Witch called Fuaran, inside its body. It can massively increase the

magical potential of any mage, weak or powerful. That journal can be a

great experience for everyone. I wonder if anyone will ever find it..."

Note #9 "If anyone finds this, then know that this could be the last note... I found

out that the Alchemist could make a Life Elixir, a legendary brew which

increases the max life of the user. But to make it, you need an

Alchemical Bundle and a Philosopher's Stone. With all of that, he will

brew you a portion of Life Elixir. Oh no, this thing is still chasing me- and

the Dark Sun is right above my head now. I'll use that Portal Device;

I just don't wanna die! My only hope is that I won't be stuck between


Secret Note #3 In one ancient scroll I found quite... unpleasant information.

There said something about... Pink Guy? I do not know who this is.

So, if you find his armor and equip it as actual armor in fight against Moon Lord...

You may get something very unique.

But you need to be very careful with that thing...

It can attract attention of a VERY dangerous creature."

Secret Note 3.png

Combining Notes

You can combine notes, in order to progress through them, obtaining Secret Notes in the process. Every 3 successive Notes can be combined into an Secret Note.

So, Notes from 1 to 3 could be combined into Secret Note 1 and so on.

You can also combine 3 Secret Notes into a Notes Book.

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