Unchained "Akumu" is upgraded version of "Akumu"

  • It's deals more damage than "Akumu"
  • Generates Projectile reflecting shield while 35% HP or lower instead of 25%
  • While above 35% HP, Unchained Akumu Releases Minion


Akumu minion

Akumu Minion

An attacking minion, just like from any summoning weapon, will spawn if you're above 35% HP.

Will upgrade itself (Damage) if Revengeance mode from Calamity is used. Note, that it acts as a summon, so 33% damage reduction will be applied to it, though, it was accounted for in coding.

If you have Calamity or Thorium mods installed, recipe will change.

You might want to use the Recipe Browser mod to see the true recipe.

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