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The Utility Items are used to either help the player in various situations or to get to an area of the world. There are many kinds of Utility Items that the player can unlock through progression. Here's the following kinds of Utility Items (WIP):

Beacon Teleporter Potion.png Beacon Teleporter Potion
Jungle Teleporter Potion.png Jungle Teleporter Potion
Beach Teleporter Potion.png Beach Teleporter Potion
Ocean Teleporter Potion.png Ocean Teleporter Potion
Underworld Teleportation Potion.png Underworld Teleporter Potion
Dungeon Teleportation Potion.png Dungeon Teleporter Potion
Temple Teleportation Potion.png Temple Teleporter Potion
DiscordPotion.png Discord Potion
Perfect Discord Potion.png Perfect Discord Potion