The Watcher Amulet is a Sentry-type Summoning Weapon that, at the cosaces a stationary eye at a cursor place which sends out damaging projectiles similar to the Nebula Arcanum's projectile. Those projectiles do not go through blocks.

In order to move the eye around, just like with other Sentry-type weapons in Terraria, you need to dispel the buff that item inflicts on you first, then summon it at a new place.

Just like with the Otherworldly Amulet, having the item in your inventory will add a new item to an NPC shop, in this case, the Young Brewer will begin to sell the Flask of Rainbows for 1 Platinum.

To craft the Watcher Amulet, you will need:

  • An Otherworldly Amulet
  • 25 of any Tier 3 Hardmode Bar
  • 25 Chlorophyte Bars
  • 25 Shroomite Bars
  • 25 Spectre Bars
  • 25 Luminite Bars
  • 25 Luminite Ore
  • 20 Stardust Fragments
  • 20 Nebula Fragments
  • 20 Vortex Fragments
  • 20 Solar Fragments

The Watcher Amulet must be crafted at a Materia Transmutator MateriaTransmutator